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Anemone Lying Down Right Cat

Adorned in cheery blue and red flowers, this Anemone Lying Down Cat Right certainly looks like the cat that got the cream.

Bird & Holly Dollies Teaset

Die-hard collectors may very well recognise this Christmassy touch on our Bird & Holly Dollies Teaset from patterns past (and also anticpate demand to be high).

Black Toast All Over 4 Mug Teapot Boxed

The perfect finishing touch to a breakfast table set with Black Toast and a splash of Marmalade is there a better start to the day?  Product Wording  CEYLON & LAPSANG SOUCHONG. ORANGE PEKOE & RUSSIAN...

Black Toast Cheese Serving Plate

Our Black Toast New Serving Plate is perfect for cheese lovers (but just be sure to keep the mice at bay). Product Wording OCCASIONALLY CORSICA from ITALY POSSIBLY SPAIN & PORTUGAL I LOVE BRITISH CHEESE...

Black Toast Elderflower Cordial Tall Straight Jug

A glass of squash poured from our Black Toast Elderflower Cordial Tall Straight Jug is the perfect way to start the work day. Product Wording Front: ZEST & JUICE OF UNWAXED LEMONS CITRIC ACID WATER,...

Black Toast Glass Cake Dome

Our stunning Cake Dome fits our comport perfectly, but also looks lovely over your prettiest plate. Inscribed with Cherry, Lemon, Ginger and Chocolate. Irresistible. Product Wording CHERRY. LEMON. GINGER...

Black Toast Glass Ice Bucket Boxed

There's nothing understated about this huge, glamorous ice bucket. Decorated with elegant lettering spelling LOVE, FLOWERS & WINE, it's big enough to hold lots of ice, plus at least one bottle of something...

Black Toast Glass Large Bowl Boxed

Perfect for displaying colourful Christmas glass baubles collected over the years or for a trifle made from a recipe handed down through the years, our Black Toast Glass Large Bowl comes in a beautiful...

Black Toast Glass Lemonade Jug Boxed

Use bottled lemonade if you really must but home-made lemonade always tastes so much more refreshing. Especially when served in a Black Toast Glass Lemonade Jug. Product Wording LEMONADE

Black Toast Glass Sweetie Jar Boxed

Just the thing for the sweet-toothed: our Black Toast Glass Sweetie Jar. Product Wording SWEETS & CHOCOLATE

Black Toast Glass Water Pitcher Boxed

In our sparkling, satisfyingly heavy crystal, this beautifully shaped pitcher is just the right size to be useful on the table. A popular present, it comes in a smart gift box. Product Wording WATER,...

Black Toast Large Glass Jar Vase Boxed

Can anything beat a Black Toast Large Glass Jar Vase fill of tall fragrant blooms on a summer's day? We think not. Product Wording WILD BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. WILD IN THE WOODS & MEADOWS

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Black Toast Large Old Bowl

There's a very tasty lentil recipe on the underside of this Black Toast Large Old Bowl. (If we said it would get your pulse racing, would you find that hummus?) Product Wording Inside: EXOTIC, FRAGRANT...

Black Toast Large Straight Jug

Whether you like your custard hot or cold, or made fresh or made from a packet, there's no denying that the only way to serve up everyone's childhood favourite is in our Black Toast Straight Jug. Product...

Black Toast Medium Dish

Some people have a sweet tooth. Others have a savoury one. For families who experience this divide, may we suggest this Black Toast Medium Dish as it caters for both parties? Product Wording Outside: Inside:...

Black Toast Medium Glass Bowl Boxed

Pile this bowl high with tangerines and nuts at Christmas, show off the jewel colours of a summer fruit salad, or layer in a creamy tiramisu with lots of chocolate on top - it's as useful as it is beautiful....

Black Toast Medium Glass Cake Stand Boxed

This beautiful Glassware Cake Stand is hand spun by master craftsman who have trained for years to produce these pieces. We're very proud of them. Product Wording CAKES & FESTIVITIES

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Black Toast Medium Glass Jar Vase Boxed

A Black Toast Medium Glass Pot Vase makes a striking statement on the coffee table. Product Wording FREE, WILD & LOVELY

Black Toast Medium Glass Trifle Bowl Boxed

A really good trifle deserves a bowl that will show it off, and this beautifully curvy one does the job perfectly. One of our bestsellers, we know it's very popular as a present, so it comes in its own...

Black Toast Set of 2 Glass Flutes Boxed

For lovers of Champagne or Prosecco or Cava or a Bellini, or just lovers our boxed set of 2 fizz flute glasses are wonderful for saying 'congratulations' or 'cheers'. Product Wording FIZZ! FIZZ!

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