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Align Pilates C2 ProRC Pilates Reformer

The Align-Pilates C2 ProRC Pilates Reformer is one of the most versatile reformers on the market.

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Align Pilates F2 Folding Reformer

The F2 Reformer from Align-Pilates folds away taking up less space than an exercise bike.

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Align Pilates H1 Reformer

The H1 Reformer from Align-Pilates is designed to bring the benefits of Pilates Reformer workouts to your home

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BH F9R TFT Treadmill

Want to train seriously? The BH F9R TFT treadmill offers you everything you need to achieve your goals

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BH FDC20 TFT Elliptical Crosstrainer

The BH FDC20 TFT Elliptical Trainer is built for home and light commercial use and ideal for tall and heavy users.

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BH i.F9R Treadmill

The BH I.F9R treadmill features BH’s Run + Damping System which allows you to train like an athlete without the worry of joint and muscle damage.

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BH I.FDC19 Studio Elliptical

The BH I.FDC19 has excellent build quality with bearings in all the joints to provide a smooth movement even during an intensive workout.

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BH I.FDC20 Studio Elliptical Crosstrainer

The BH I.FDC20 Studio cross trainer is designed for tall and/or heavy users and made with a reinforced structure.

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BH i.RC09 Treadmill

The BH I.RC09 is a lighter version of the BH I.RC12. Built for home use only the BH I.RC09 offers almost everything the BH I.RC12 provides

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BH i.RC12 Treadmill

The BH i.RC12 treadmill is designed for intensive and demanding workouts and comes with a home and a light commercial warranty.

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BH Magna Pro Light Commercial Treadmill

The BH Magna Pro Treadmill is a non folding high performance treadmill built for both home and light commercial environments.

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BH RC09 TFT Treadmill

The BH RC09 TFT has the features and equipment of a professional treadmill with the Touch&Fun technology to enjoy your training sessions like never before.

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Fitness Mad Studio Pro Rebounder

The Studio Pro. 2019 Upgraded commercial grade rebounder.

Force USA Monster G1

The Force USA G1 is a Power Rack with a cable pulley system Functional Trainer and Chin Up Station.

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Force USA Monster G12

Force USA introduced this free weight machine to be a more heavy duty machine than the Monster G3

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Force USA Monster G3

If you are looking for a heavy duty all-in-one free weight machine that combines the safety of a Smith Machine and Power Rack

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Force USA Monster G6

Whether you’re a bodybuilder performance athlete personal trainer

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Force USA Monster G9

Force USA introduced this free weight machine to be a more heavy duty machine than the Monster G3

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Icaros virtual reality exercise machine and trainer

enables users to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving fitness.

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Inspire 22.5kg (50lb) Weight Plate

Additional 50lb weight stack for adding to the Inspire FT1 (2 x kits) FT2 (2 x kits)

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